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Excalibur Engineering The Best in Quality and a Trusted Source
For Sales, Rentals, Repair and Calibration of New & Refurbished Electronic Test & Equipment – An ISO-17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory by A2LA, Superb Quality and a 1 Year Warranty. Over 23 Years Experience.

Quality in Calibration of Test Equipment Services For over 23 Years.
ISO:17025 Accredited by A2LA

Excalibur Engineering's Test Equipment Repair 
Our repair technicians are experts in the repair of both current and obsolete electronic test equipment. 

Agilent, and Tektronix test equipment repair is our specialty.

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The Best in Quality New, Refurbished, Used Electronic Test Equipment.

Sales, Rentals, Repair, and Calibration in one location.

Excalibur Engineering has over 23 years experience.

ISO:17025 A2LA accredited calibrations available to 50GHz in RF and 100 Amps AC/DC power.

Featured Test and Measurement Products

Rent or Buy Agilent 3458A
Digital Multimeter 8.5 Digits,Rack
Rent or Buy Tektronix MSO5204
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
Rent or Buy Agilent 8563E
9kHz - 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Rent or Buy Agilent E4407B
9kHz - 26.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Best Industry Warranty

Excalibur Engineering has the best industry warranty. Most of our used and expertly refurbished electronic test equipment comes with a 1 year warranty. Excalibur Engineering also offers extended warranties for up to 5 years.

Contact Excalibur

9201 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine, CA 92618
1-877-XCALIBR or 877-922-5427
Phone: 949-454-6603
Fax: 949-454-6642